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Check out our Honduras recap video from our Fall school under the schedule section!

Spring School starts on January 27th, 2013. Sign up now!

Make sure to get your passports for our international trips. Visit schedule section for the link to start the process.

Spring School retreat Jan 30-31. Building community and establishing friendships!


Wow!! What an amazing time our school is having in Honduras! We've seen so many healing and salvations this week! 

One young lady was not able to open her mouth without popping or extreme pain for years and got completely healed! Vision restored, leg and back pain healed, people filled with the Holy Spirit... And it's not over yet! Stand with us as we believe God for more of His outpouring in Honduras! God loves His kids and wants to see them healed, whole and thriving!


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Greeting from Pastor Randy & Lucie Neeham


Thank you for your interest in All Nations School of Ministry.  Lucie and I want to personally invite you to consider becoming  a part of this outstanding ministry opportunity. At All Nations School of Ministry, we have a passion to see people fulfill their calling by equipping them with the Word of God, imparting the power  of the Holy Spirit, and releasing them into fields that are ripe for harvest. We impart an international flavor of missionaries, pastors, and ministers from around the world. We feel it is an important to connect our students  to the move of God in the nations of the world.  You will leave knowing that the entire world can be reached by the power of God. Our students learn from practical application in ministry, planning and participating in local outreaches, leading times of prayer and worship, and have opportunities to assist in missions and leadership conferences in other nations. Now is the time to invest in your future and go on a four month adventure with God!

Mission Statement

Creating students who are passionate about Jesus, full of identity, supernaturally capable, and mandated to change the world. 


Who is our student?

We are looking for students who are passionate about Jesus, wanting to be leaders, and hungry for more of God. We are not looking for perfect students, we are looking for students who want to be transformed into all that God has called them to be. This is not just a "ministry school", this is a place for people of all walks of life; the business man, the college student, the stay at home moms, and everything in between. We want you to know who you are in Jesus, understand the reality of the Kingdom of God, and learn how to be the light everywhere you go. 

What to expect

- You can expect to be part of a community of great people, and make new, lifelong friends. We believe it is fun serving God, and have an atmosphere conducive to building lasting friendships.
- Students will lead and participate every morning in our "Dwell" times of prayer and worship. This gives students the opportunity to lead worship and pray together.
- Months 2 & 3 are full of hands-on training with outreaches in school campuses, churches, and local street ministry.
- Expect to step out of your comfort zones and watch God meet you. Students will see God do amazing things as our leadership team equips, and encourages each student. 
- At the end of each term, the whole school will go on an International trip together to teach, evangelize, and serve any way we can with our churches in that nation.
- We believe that when we go to the world and apply what we have learned in the classroom it creates a healthier student that is changed for life!  

International Students

International students are welcome! All international applicants interested in attending, click "Request More Info" to send us an email. In the email please tell us about yourself, what nation you are from, and what you are believing to receive from God at All Nations. 

Intl. Request More Info


School start dates

Spring Term - January 27, 2014 - May 15, 2014
Summer Worship School - July 2-6, 2014
Fall Term - September 8, 2014 - December 18, 2014


Spring Break
Labor Day

International Trips

Students will raise support/ fundraise for International trips. This is an integral part of school training. Trip cost may vary and is not included in the tuition.

Passport's are required as part of the school, and should be acquired or in the process of acquiring before enrolling in the school.

Spring Trip:
Kursk, Russia + Budapest, Hungary - April 28-10, 2014 (Spring Trip)
- Passport's required
- Visa's required
*This information is tentative and subject to change

Get Your Passport

Four month breakdown


Month 1

We will be doing Discipleship Training in which students will get restored, imparted to and receive foundational teaching to get them ready for what is to come. Students who choose to return for a following term will be assisting with leadership in the Discipleship Training for new incoming students.

Month 2 & 3

Students will go through Core Classes and Activation (outreaches/ hands on ministry). Each term will have its own designated Spirit-Led theme, this will give a new experience to returning students.

Month 4

The student body and leaders will attend a 2 week international trip, host a "school on location", and oversee many outreaches in country. This is followed  by a week of debriefing and a commissioning ceremony.


Tuition breakdown

Application/ Registration/ Tech/ Books  - $100.00 (due January 30, 2014)
Tuition - $895.00
Total Cost - $995.00

Payment Plan

One time payment 
$895.00 - January 30, 2014

2 Payments*
$458.00 - January 30, 2014
$457.00 - March 6, 2014

Monthly Payments*
$234.00 - January 30, 2014
$234.00 - February 6, 2014
$234.00 - March 6, 2014
$233.00 - April 3, 2014

- If you are paying in 2 payments, then you will need to bring $558.00 by January 30th (this includes Registration, Tuition, and Payment Handling Fees).
- If you are paying by month, then you will need to bring $334.00 by January 30th (this includes Registration, Tuition, and Payment Handling Fees).

Additional Fees
*Payment Handling Fee (applies to split payment plans) - $10.00 
Late Fee - $20.00

Method of Payment 
Cash, Check, Credit Card or PayPal at www.allnations.cc. Please make checks payable to Houston Worship Centre.

Living expenses & housing

Students are responsible for their own living expenses. We have previously had church members that have opened their homes. This is a case to case basis with no guarantee. Please inquire if you are seeking housing. We can also direct you to some local apartments in the area.  


Houston Worship Centre
713 East Airtex Drive
Houston, TX, 77073

281.821.2222 ext. 104

All Nations Office

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